Tea For Your Winning Products

May 5, 2022

Green tea and black tea have their own specific profiles in taste and aroma. While some people prefer green tea, others prefer black tea. Whichever your preference, haldin offers both signature green tea and black tea.

Is green tea better than black tea? Or do both have the same benefits for us to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of green tea and black tea. Lai Kwok Leung, in The Journal of Nutrition by Lai Kwok Leung, states that drinking black tea has equal benefits to green tea. The reason for this is because the theaflavins, which are the product of fermentation in black tea, possess at least the same antioxidant potency as the catechins that you can find in green tea.

More specifically, according to Leung,  theaflavin-3,3′-digallate (TF3), a group of theaflavins in black tea,  has a strong antioxidant activity similar to epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, a major antioxidant in green tea.

While both have the same antioxidant potency, in total per serving of green tea and black tea products in Europe and the United States, green tea has slightly more health benefits than black tea.

Haldin provides high-quality black tea and green tea building blocks with a high level of polyphenol. Our Instant Green Tea (10000082) possesses 40% polyphenol. For the Instant Black Tea (10000710), polyphenol content level 24% along with the theaflavins and 5% of tannin. Our Instant Black Tea gives you a strong and fully black tea taste with balanced sweet notes, compared to our green tea that provides a more pungent and smokey balance.

Green tea and black tea offer their unique taste and benefits. You can choose whether your product needs a more green tea character or a more black tea character. Rest assured, Haldin provides high-quality green tea and black tea building blocks harvested from West Java, famous for being the origin of the best tea. We invite you to take your time to choose, but in case you need assistance or more information, you can hit the request sample button and our tea representation will be in touch. More on tea