Natural Tea, Bring Wellness To The World

March 7, 2022

Tea has been part of human life for so long, it’s the second favorite beverage after water. Its taste and health benefits are too many to count. You surely don’t want to miss the round green tea taste, the pungent, and balanced smoky note of our Green Tea, or the floral and creamy note of our Black Tea. To capture these amazing tea characteristics into a natural building block.

Haldin goes beyond by empowering local farmers in West Java, Indonesia to plant high-quality raw materials in a sustainable environment. Once the tea has been harvested, we process the raw material with modern extraction technology to ensure antioxidant content along with other goodness in tea is captured perfectly.

Our natural green tea and black tea building blocks are ready to serve your industries ranging from Beverage, Dairy, Bakery, and Confectionary to Personal Care. Let’s partner up, create the best consumer product, and open more possibilities to endless growth.