Our Partners

Securing sustainable sourcing for functional products is a collaborative job. It takes solid relations and networking with farmers of many different origins. As many people may notice, functional plans in Indonesia are spreading throughout the islands.

Therefore, our sourcing team is eager to take the journey to each of the origins, learning about their culture, land characteristic, and farming practice. We plot the best practice for each of them, providing the knowledge they need to increase the quality of raw material that meets our specifications.

Our sourcing team also assists them through the process, locating every difficulty that occurs and giving a suitable solution. So far, our journey has reached many destinations such as West Java, Central Java, East Java, Madura, East Nusa Tenggara, and Kalimantan. Countless days we spent developing the raw materials are worthed when the final result is the range of functional products that give maximum benefit to many people.

Functional products in our portfolio contain various active content, which comes from responsible sourcing. We apply a trading system to ensure their work will bring profit to them because they count on us to increase their livelihood with what their land can produce. That is why we invite you to visit our functional products and continue this circle of goodness to consumers’ products.