Beneficial functional plants

Indonesia is a tropical country with many functional plants that are beneficial to medicine since the development of traditional medical practice. These plants are usually blended as herbs to treat various diseases.

About 143 million hectares of tropical forest in Indonesia become home to 80% of medical plants in the world. Estimates 25,000 to 30,000 plants have a potential medical use while only 1,845 have been identified and can be used for medicine by the IPB University experts. It means there are a lot of possibilities for discoveries.

This big potential needs to be properly addressed by the pharmaceutical industry to utilize more plant-based in VMS and over-the-counter drugs. Especially with the trend that considers plant-based supplements to bridge nutritional gaps for plant-based diets. This particular natural product can support consumers in receiving the essential nutrients that they need while complying with a more healthy and restricted diet.

It is better to depend on a more functional plant as the first treatment for a health problem or tools to maintain health. Here at haldin, we work hard to provide high-quality functional building blocks from selected raw materials that deliver health-beneficial content. All we need to stay healthy indeed lies within natural products. It is just that we haven’t used them much.